About Me

I was born in Germany in 1974. My father is a general and plastics surgeon, my mother is a housewife. I studied the first two years of primary school in Germany. When I was 8, we permanently returned to Turkey and moved to our hometown, Bursa.

After going to primary school, secondary school and high school in Bursa, I started my 6-year medical education in Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa in 1991. During my summer holidays, I worked as the assistant of my father who was a plastic surgeon at Bursa Public Hospital. This experience helped me perform several operations and I graduated as a doctor in 1997. I was a member of the School Yearbook Board of the University and Spokesperson of the Board on the final year of faculty. At the graduation ceremony, I spoke in the name of the graduates.

I moved to Austria in 1998 and started my specialty education in the Department of Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna, which the largest hospital in Europe belongs to. I found the opportunity to get lectures from numerous authors raised in Europe. During my studies in the Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery, I took part in the organization of “facial plasty on fresh cadaver” and I worked as a trainer for 5 years. I worked as the private assistant of the world-famous hand surgeon Prof. Dr. H. Millesi on the final year of my higher education to become a specialist in 2005. Upon becoming a specialist, I focused on maxillofacial surgery operations in a private clinic.

In 2006, I received the certificate of equivalence from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University (Capa). I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my lecturers.

In 2008, I moved back to Istanbul upon an incidental situation and I started to work in a private hospital. Currently I offer my services in my private clinic on Camlik Street. I perform my operations in high quality hospitals close to my private clinic.

My basic principle is to treasure conscientious values. Thus, I treat my patients the way I would like to be treated. I try to have them recognize their value as a human being and I try to win their heart as the first thing.

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Op. Dr. Oygar Aytekin
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